Robert De Anda - Hollywood Based Photographer | About

Hollywood based photographer Robert De Anda has been mastering his photographic art for over 15 years.  The journey that expresses his sou'ls cry started with traditional film and darkroom processes, before digital photography was a viable option for high quality work.  

He is a member of The Professional Photographers of America.  And also of the National Press Photographers Association.

A Los Angeles native who currently calls Hollywood his home, he has found inspiration in the City of Angels.  An avid traveler, Robert has had no shortage of beautiful subjects both at home and abroad. 

Robert has headed various commercial projects including On Location Shots, Paws Shots (pet photography), and L.A. Scenes, a gallery focusing on showcasing his native city.  He is currently a regular contributor to BAHMAGZ.COM and

Experienced in the technical aspects of photographic science, Robert is both at ease and proficient on the field as he is in the studio.

In addition to his passion for photography Robert is a musician, songwriter, writer, and digital artist. For the past twenty years he has held various management position at private financial investment companies with a focus in the automotive industry.  He is currently the Portfolio Servicing Manager for a private auto finance investment firm in Los Angeles.