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Hollywood Rock Photographer's Review of Dubs Acoustic Ear Plugs

June 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Shooting concerts means constantly being subjected to extremely loud music.  I used to use ear plugs only on rare occasions.  As a rock/metal fan, I want to hear the different instruments.  However, this of course, is highly irresponsible and very risky.  I carry regular orange sponge material ear plugs that you can pick up at your local drug store for less than $10.  I do not particularly like using these because of the loss of fidelity.  

Recently however, a friend of mine, not only recommended the DUBS EAR PLUGS by Doppler Labs, but actually gave me a pair as a gift.  This is after all, not a paid advertisement, or sponsored review.  Since my first paid was a gift, I didn't search the price (around $25) and actually believed that they were electronic like in-ear monitors.  They are not;  which only makes them even more remarkable.  I won't get into the details of the physical appearance of the DUBS, as I hate unboxing videos.  What I will do however, is get to the bottom line.  

These things ROCK! Cheap pun, I know.  You immediately experience lower volume, however, the fidelity of the sound stays in tact (for the most part).  With regular earplugs vocals are the first thing to disappear; not so with the DUBS.  You can still hear the different instruments, and get this: you can hear when someone is talking to you.  I'm glad I came across this product and highly recommend it. 

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