Robert De Anda - Hollywood Based Photographer | The Sunset Strip - The Mecca of Rock n' Roll

The Sunset Strip - The Mecca of Rock n' Roll

July 13, 2017

I grew up in Los Angeles (born in Torrance, CA in 1977).  Sometimes I realize that I take for granted the world famous landmarks that played such an important roll in the history of Hard Rock and Metal.  As a teenager, my friends and I (we are still friends 20-30 years later), would take the bus to Hollywood and sometimes make the trek to West Hollywood (where the strip is located) after our stop at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. 

Today, these venues are my regular stomping grounds as I immerse myself in the music, fashion, and culture of a genre that many claim to be dead.  I assure you that it is alive and well.  Are the lines blocks long like in the mid eighties? No, of course not.  However, Rock was never meant to be mainstream.  At any given night I must chose between 3-5 shows to attend (sometimes as a photographer).  

My normal days are smoking a cigarette between sets in front of the pay phone used to call 911 during River Phoenix's last moments in front of the Viper Room,  or saying hello to Kim at the Rainbow Bar and Grill who taught me that a real Lemmy is made with Wild Turkey and Cola, or shooting next to legendary rock photographer Jack Lue (Guns N' Roses photographer during the early days) at The Whisky a Go Go.  The shine has not dulled one bit.  The true rockers to the core, still walk these streets, still ride their Harley's, wear their leather, and still rock until late into the night.