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Instagram as a true Photographer's Portfolio

May 28, 2018

My biggest complaint about Instagram is the inability to rearrange photos in the order that I believe to be most aesthetically pleasing.  I have other complaints as well, such as the square image format and the inability to include links in yours posts.  All of this is aggravated by the fact that the number of people who actually visit websites is diminishing.  Today when you hand someone your business card they will almost without fail ask you, "Do you have an Instagram?".  I pondered this conundrum for some time.  I would look at my Instagram profile and be disgusted by it.  I wanted to display my portfolio; the best of my best to people and more and more I felt that Instagram was not only lacking in it's ability to do this, but far worse, it was making me come across as a hoarder and not as an artist who thrives on color balance and composition.  The solution for using Instagram as a portfolio came to me one day as I reminisced on the old days of website design. 

Twenty years ago I headed Dynamic Alliance, a website design and consulting firm with my brother (David De Anda - who now runs his own successful photography business with his wife in Yuma Arizona).  In those days, we would design a website in Photoshop as a magazine spread.  We would add the links and the animations by slicing up the image into grids.  One of the major reasons why sites are no longer designed this way has to do with the subsequent rise of the ubiquitous mobile browser.  Different screen sizes would cause the tables of the grid to become discombobulated.  Unless the platform(s) where you would display your site had a fixed size, your perfect design would look like a bad Picasso. 

Wait a minute? Fixed size, and a grid...  My solution was to go retro.  


Instagram as PortfolioInstagram as PortfolioInstagram as Portfolio